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Instead of saying "Why me? ", let's say " Why not me? "..... and be the change

From the President’s desk:

Jiya Jyoti Foundation was started by a group of like-minded people working towards achieving an empowered and developed society, engaged in various programs for the rural, poor and backward communities in sustainable livelihood, to bring overall benefits to the deprived communities as well as the society as a whole.

Each year Jiya Jyoti Foundation is furthering a step towards contribution in achieving its aim of progressing into an empowered and developed society.

Our starting year of 2009 - 2010 had seen the implementation of new programs with a realistic approach. Health programs and educational activities were developed to reach target populations, based on people’s need and demands. The impacts of all these programs were very positive, with volunteers from far and near and from all sects of society joining in this noble cause.

In the second year of our involvement in the development sector, we organized different programs to achieve the core aim of empowering the rural and poor communities, including tribal people. The year had been of even more extensive expansion and intensification and implementation of new programs. Older programs like micro credit, SHG promotion, health programs and educational activities were sharpening their focus and widening their reach to the target populations.

Our Mission & Vision


It is said that a right is not what someone gives you; it is what no one can take from you. At Jiya Jyoti Foundation we help people get back what is rightfully theirs, the right to live a complete and healthy life without any disorders, disadvantages and disabilities, a life that is equal, positive and with social uniformity.


To create awareness against the exploitation of mankind and the environment, and to empower the powerless to form an equal society.

Together we can


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